Arboretum Sound Walk

The University of California at Santa Cruz includes an Arboretum which has native California plants as well as plants native to South Africa and Australia. There is also a hummingbird garden that attracts the resident Anna’s, Allen’s and Rufous Hummingbirds. The sound walk is a guided walk where the participant is given an ipod, a map, and a bag with a sketchbook for doing guided sketches at 3 locations in the garden.

Map of the Arboretum Sound Walk journey.
Stop #1: Listen to 3 different recorded bird songs and make drawings representing each one.
Linsey’s drawing for Stop #1
Izzie’s Drawing for Stop #1
Jennifer’s Image for Stop #1.
Pretend that you are a bird looking down at you and make a drawing representing what you think the bird would see.
Jennifer’s drawing at Stop #2.
Rachel’s drawing at stop #2.
Donna’s drawing at Stop #2.
Make a drawing of the hummingbirds in the hummingbird garden.
Rachel’s drawing at stop #4.
Jennifers drawing at Stop #3.