Birdsong Compositions

I recorded nature sounds up in various locations including Sierra Valley on the East side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, and at Yuba Pass in the Sierra. I mixed the soundscapes from these two different ecosystems to make one composition, entitled “Layered Dawn Chorus”. Another composition began with a recording of myself saying “Becoming Bird”, then speeding up the tempo until it sounded like a bird. I then recorded 5 separate birdsongs, where I edited birdsongs from each of 5 different birds, creating 5 separate compositions, entitled “Six Birdsong Remix”.

Music Program for birdsong compositions.
Sierra Valley and Yuba Pass Image Overlay
Layered Dawn Chorus (recorded at Sierra Valley and Yuba Pass, CA)
Becoming Bird

Six Birdsong Remix

Golden-Crowned Sparrow
Golden-Crowned Sparrow Music
Song Sparrow Collage
Song Sparrow Music
Red-Winged Blackbird Image
Red-Winged Blackbird Music
Canyon Wren Image
Canyon Wren Music
Western Meadowlark Image
Western Meadowlark Music
Hermit Thrush Image
Hermit Thrush Music